Bend Over Homo Yoga

Bend Over Homo Yoga – Book One
Three chapters to start off the summer season! Please sign up via EVENTBRITE for the date/s you will be attending so we have an idea of numbers!

Chapter 1 – 4th December
Chapter 2 – 11th December
Chapter 3 – 18th December
$ on the door

*** we have low cost class options for disadvantaged/ disenfranchised individuals as we strongly believe yoga should be available to everyone ***

Bend Over Homo Yoga is an opportunity to empower, connect and create a community of gay/ bi/ queer/ trans men through sharing with them the importance of health and body awareness. The classes are tailored towards creating a flow of movements that allow one to slip out of their head and into their body. We believe a strong sense of community is conducive to any form of connection. Therefore after every class there’s the opportunity to debrief either at Hare’s & Hyenas or over dinner at a restaurant.

Although BOHY is directed at the queer community it wants to remain a non-sexualised space so that men leave the classes with tools for life not just a handsome hunk to hook up with.

The yoga style practiced is a mix of traditional Hatha with Vinyasa and Sivananda influences. For those of you where this sounds like Russian, all it means is that there is a combination of quick, consecutive, dance like movements and postures that are held for a longer duration. Breathing techniques, meditation, performing arts techniques and open discussions will also be woven into each class to help integrate the movements taught.