Being A Good Person Is Bloody Hard Work

16th, 17th and 23rd Feb 8pm (one-hour)

Being a Good Person is Bloody Hard Work is back for it’s second season!! After a (amost [97%]) sold out season at the 2016 Melbourne Fringe Festival Nicole McKenzie will be performing as part of the 2017 Sustainable Living Festival. After all, she is super sustainable. Book now!

“I reckon you could do a one woman show” – Friend of Nicole’s

Things are changing fast and Nicole isn’t sure she can keep up. As a vegetarian who recycles, avoids products tested on animals and buys her clothes ‘fair trade’, she wonders when enough will be enough.

Are you telling me that I can’t eat cheese?

A thought-provoking piece of experimental theatre, Being a Good Person is Bloody Hard Work explores the makings of a modern day ‘good person’. In a world full of political messages but fraught with political correctness even the ‘goodest’ people make mistakes.

But I could call myself a feminist yesterday…?

Nicole takes you along her journey – discovering what to eat, what to wear and when to keep her mouth shut – as she tries to be the person we all ‘should’ be.

“Just you … on stage … For an hour?” – Nicole’s mother