Video Killed the Radio Star

Radio producer Justin Edge (from Joy fm’s Lose Control) and producer Natasha Jynel (Beni Lola) have joined forces to create a tour de force of 90s pop culture called Video Killed the Radio Star!

Doesn’t matter if you’re dazed and confused or totally clueless, Video Killed the Radio Star is a show for everyone. Come as you are (or dressed in your favourite 90s gear) and be genuinely ready to take this 60-minute pony ride to infinity and beyond … if we can fit this many cultural references into one paragraph, imagine what we can do in an hour.

* * * * *

We’ve gone back to Dec 31, 1999. Y2K is approaching, the end of the world is neigh and … Christina Aguilera is performing in Times Square at midnight. Forget the panic and the looting. It’s time to party!

Vanessa (Sham) has been looking forward to Fifi Simone’s Y2K House Party all year long. It’s gonna be wild! The hottest dj in town is spinning hits from SWV, En Vouge, Lil Kim, Nina Hagen and soooo many more. Plus, some of the hottest celebrities are rumoured to be stopping by, including Maraiah Carey and TLC! Not to mention, the winner of the midnight dance off gets to appear in the video for Destiny’s Child’s upcoming single Jumpin, Jumpin.

Ugh! If only mom and dad would go to bed instead of listening to the live broadcast of Fifi’s party on the radio. Take it from Vanessa, parents just don’t understand!

Join Natasha Jynel, the creative force behind Auto-Bio Queen, and Justin Edge, a black guy, on a journey through the 90s that would’ve made doves cry. Inspired by Kid n Play’s cult classic House Party, Video Killed the Radio Star brings the music, films, and video clips of the 90s together in a live theatre extravaganza that will leave audiences gagging. Told through the eyes of Vanessa (Sham), and set deep in the heart of an imaginary 90s slum, Video Killed the Radio Star is the story of one girl’s desire to dance with somebody and her journey to feel the heat.

For one night only this December, experience the radio like never before: live and in living colour. From world peace to sexuality; from sitting in our rooms with Brandy to setting it off with Queen Latifa – no topic is left untouched for phunky phresh parody. Get ready to get fly with this totally wheelchair accessible show.

photo by Pippa Samaya